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more information about f.root-servers.net dns delegation
What IP addresses does f.root-servers.net use? F.root-servers.net uses the two IP addresses 2001:500:2f::f and together , hereafter referred to as "IP group 1 ", The IP address www.robtex.comwww.robtex.com:f.root-servers.net
A Cisco 7301 router and a Juniper M7i, part of the K root-server instance at AMS- IX. ... 13 root name servers specified, with names in the form letter.root-servers. net, .... for the root name servers, there are many more physical servers; A, C, E, F , ... en.wikipedia.orgen.wikipedia.org:Root name server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
dns root-servers.net. ... root-servers.net. whois trace bl search. ipduh.comipduh.com:root-servers.net DNS report
NET Name Server: C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET Name Server: D.ROOT-SERVERS. NET Name Server: E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET Name Server: F.ROOT-SERVERS. who.iswho.is:Root-servers.net Whois Lookup - Who.is - Who.is
3 days ago ... TTL=3600000 [] [2001:500:2f::f]; g.root-servers.net. TTL=3600000 [] [NO GLUE6]; h.root-servers.net. TTL=3600000 ... www.dnsinspect.comwww.dnsinspect.com:DNS Report for root-servers.net - DNSInspect
DNSstuff.com frequently performs DNS lookups at the root servers and zone parent servers. As a result, we ... j.root-servers.net, 66ms, 66ms, 66ms, 0%, 0ms ... private.dnsstuff.comprivate.dnsstuff.com:Root DNS Servers
Jan 13, 2014 ... The ISC has operated F.root-servers.net for the IANA since 1993. F answers more than 260 million DNS queries per day, making it one of the ... archive.isarchive.is:Internet Software Consortium - F.root-servers.net

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