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more information about dns delegation
. ch is the Internet country code top-level domain for Switzerland. It is administered by SWITCH Information Technology Services. The ". ch" domain derives from Confoederatio Helvetica (Helvetic Confederation), the Latin name for the country, which was used because of its neutrality with regard to the four official languages of Switzerland. CH is the ISO 3166-2 code for Switzerland and also is used on vehicle plates. Domain names must be at least three letters long.
SWITCH. Internet Domains. Domain names. Register. Welcome to SWITCH. Since the start of the Internet in Switzerland, SWITCH has been the registry for Domain names ending in .ch and .li and has ensured...
whois: This information is subject to an Acceptable Use Policy. See http://www.nic .ch/terms/aup.html. Domain name: Holder of domain name: SWITCH Whois Lookup - -;jsessionid= 6C96863EAEADA1EC27BDB9FE2A082727?res= EF6GW2JBPVTG67DLNIQXU234MN6SC33JNQQGI7L6. saved from TTL=172800 [] [2001:620::4]; TTL=172800 [130.59. 211.10] [2001:620::5]; TTL=172800 [] [2001:418:1::39] ... Report for ch - DNSInspect
dns ... trace bl search ยท ch. [ - Switzerland ]. A records. A, ip whois srv dnsbl tr. DNS report
step, query, auth, servers. 1, . (g,m,l,d,j,i,f,b,k,a,c,h,e).root- 2, ch. (h,d,f,a,e,b,c)
How did get a Trust Score of 84% ? When checking we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites ... safe

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